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Mission & Purpose is the official website of the Golden Gate Institute for Integrative Medicine. Born in the depths of Silicon Valley and headquartered in beautiful San Carlos with satellite offices across California, GGIIM offers education and clinical management of pain based on Dr. Moshe Lewis and Dr. Naheed Ali's books and ideas for rational approach to disease. The team is composed of a dedicated executive leadership and an energetic staff who invite you to our distinctive insights. Connect with us @ggiim_connect.


Moshe Lewis, MD, MBA, MPH, QME

Founder / CEO/ Physiatrist

Moshe is an Ivy League-trained doctor who is board-certified in physical medicine and rehab. He is also an experienced medical expert witness and independent medical evaluations professional with extensive medical case file review experience. He is a former VP of Operations at NASA and a former Director at Kaiser Permanente. Currently he is the Chief of PM&R at California Pacific Medical Center.

Naheed Ali, MD, PHD

Dr. Naheed AliChief Operating Officer (COO)

Naheed is a non-practicing physician running strategy, corporate development, and operations at GGIIM. He completed Harvard Medical School's lifestyle medicine training in 2012 before obtaining a PhD in holistic health elsewhere in 2013. Dr. Ali taught biomedical subjects at U.S. colleges for years and his books are on the shelves in thousands of libraries across the globe.

Zeiad Alsaid, MD, MPH

�ZeiadSpecial Projects

Zeiad is a former practicing physician in emergency medicine and trauma and he received the Distinguished Scholarship Award from The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE). In 2015 he graduated with a masters of public health (MPH) degree from Benedictine University in Chicago, IL.

Ann Tung, DOM

Ann TungAcupuncturist

Ann is a highly-experienced acupuncturist under the California Acupuncture Board and National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Tung's practice integrates traditional theory into modern medicine and stretches throughout the Bay Area including South Bay, East Bay, and San Francisco.

Jennifer Sutton, PA-C

Jennifer Sutton, PA-C Physician Assistant

Jennifer has been practicing Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for 3.5 years after obtaining her Masters Physician Assistant degree from Samuel Merritt University. She believes in a holistic approach and is still very physically active in rowing, hiking, snowboarding, and softball. Community volunteer work with underserved and diverse populations allows her to relate to her patients well while collaboratively improving their quality of life.

Dianne Balane, RN

�DianneRegistered Nurse

Dianne is a nurse who claims nursing as her foremost passion. Her clinical training is quite strong and she is dedicated to assuring a favorable patient experience, as well as collaborating with GGIIM physicians to boost integrative healthcare quality and safety. She also works closely with other members of the healthcare team to ensure cohesive treatment and proper medical charting.

Cassandra Lorzano, RN

Cassandra Lorzano, RNRegistered Nurse

Cassandra brings extensive patient/health care coordination experience to the rest of the team. She has also received advanced education and training in many other aspects of clinical care. She joined GGIIM in late 2019.

Racquel Panopio, RN

Racquel Panopio, RNRegistered Nurse

Racquel cared for patients and assisted physicians in providing treatment in various medical settings. She's recorded, monitored, and reported changes in patients' conditions for many years. She joined the GGIIM team in January 2020.

Sheryl Mallorca, RN

Sheryl Mallorca, RNRegistered Nurse

Sheryl has been working with GGIIM since May 2015 after serving as a dialysis nurse at a renown hospital. In addition to her field nursing experience she is adept at documenting medications and providing detailed medical reports.

Syam Palakurthy, BA

�SyamCBT Liaison

Syam focuses on helping patients use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to manage their medical conditions and live fulfilling lives. In a previous occupation he helped patients save health care costs as a Senior Director at ClearCost Health. He holds a bachelors degree from Dartmouth College and enjoys the outdoors, tennis, and meditation.

Walter Vayson

�WalterEMG Tech

Walter is a certified EMG technician with many years of experience. He performs nerve conduction studies in patients who are in pain. He is an expert at providing specialized nervous system data and coordinates his findings with GGIIM practitioners on a routine basis.

Evelyn Kim, BA

�EvelynLead Medical Scribe

Evelyn graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a deep passion for integrative medicine. She studied Swedish Massage for two years under a massage therapist of 30+ years experience, and volunteered at a well-known Santa Cruz PT clinic for a year. At GGIIM she plays an important role alongside the receptionist, interns, and doctors, ensuring that the clinic is always in great flow.

Mariela Molina, CMA

Mariela Molina, CMAMedical Assistant

Mariela joined the GGIIM team in winter 2016. The best part of her job is working and interacting with the patients at GGIIM. She has training in both administrative and clinical settings. Her typical workday is full and by no means boring, owing to her multitasking skills necessary for a well-organized and established medical clinic. While doctors do the doctoring, Mariela strives to make a visit to GGIIM a positive undertaking for all.

Writing For Action

  • The science of health comprises prevention while life addresses disease.


  • The world of medicine should be established in such a way as to make being ill a very terse experience. While people learn a whole lot about themselves when they are sick, the goal of wellness and fitness should be to lessen the overall burden.


  • Wellness and desirable health is essentially perpetual labor. Civilization is ironically disorganized, chaotic, and vexing, and integrative medicine has now spared that reality.


  • Wherever wellness is heeded, there is also a passion for Humanity.


Wellness CENTERS

Our physician-directed pain relief programs are on a mission to restore vitality. Email us to request a New Patient invitation package. Please complete it online prior to your first visit.


Dr. Lewis is a well-versed California medical expert witness and independent medical evaluations (IME) professional with extensive medical case file review experience.


GGIIM hosts clinical interns from Cornell University, UC Berkeley, U of Chicago, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, UCLA, and the like. For post-baccalaureates and undergraduates interested in gaining solid experience to meet their career ambitions in medical fields. *Note this is an unpaid internship and housing isn't provided.

Telemedicine For You


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